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Blue Sapphire Gemstone (Nilam)

 Blue Sapphire is known as the stone of stones. It curtails the ill-effects of    planet Saturn. Blue Sapphire, the gem ruled by Saturn, bestows the wearer    with wealth, health, prosperity, a long life and mental peace. Sapphires are    favourable for Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus and Libra Ascendants. 

Full Profile of Blue Sapphire Gemstone:
Name : The word "sapphire" is derived from the greek word sapphirus meaning blue.
Indian Name : Neelam
Formation : Blue sapphire is found in pegmatites or as waterworn pebbles in alluvial deposits.
Sources : The best Indian sapphire is cornflower blue and found in Kashmir. Sapphire from Thailand, Australia and Nigeria is dark blue. Montana (U.S.A) produces sapphire of an attractive metallic blue. Other localities include Cambodia, Brazil, Kenya, Malawi and Columbia.

Colors : The most valuable is clear deep blue. It is also found in yellow, golden, and orange colors, as well as in a colorless variety known as white sapphire.
Properties :
Specific Gravity : 4.00
Refractive Index : 1.76 - 1.77
Hardness : 9
Sapphires have a glass-like luster.
Advantages : Bestows wisdom, integrity, discipline, spiritual achievement trough humility, patience, dedication and non-attachment.
Bestows leadership qualities.
Bestows long life.
Prevents paralysis, asthma, rheumatisms, teeth problems and bones problems.
Fancy Facts: Since the Middle Ages, sapphire has symbolized the tranquility of the heavens, bestowing peace and amiability upon the wearer and suppresses wicked and impure thoughts.

Astro Details:
Zodiac : Capricorn
Planet : Saturn
Day : Saturday

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