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Budh Yantra

If you are into business or any kind of trading, you must use this Yantra in    order to get favourable results. Mercury is the planet that directly affects    business. So, it is useful to entrepreneurs and all the businessmen in general    must use this Yantra in order to get favourable results. This Yantra improves    business and also boosts growth prospects. Students must also use this    Yantra in order to find improvement at the academic front.

About Budh Yantra:

Those having the problem of stammering and speech shall perform daily Pooja to Mercury Yantra. If Mercury is combust and debilitated and if you are facing the Mahadasha or Antardasha of Budh (Mercury), then it is recommended to wear Budh Yantra to get maximum benefits of the period of Budh.If the position of Budh (Mercury) in your horoscope is unfavourable and the time is not in your favour,then you are recommended to use Budh Yantra to overcome the troubles you are facing.

Mercury is the planet that directly affects trade or business. So businessmen must use this Yantra in order to get favourable results. This Yantra improves business and also boosts up business prospects. Particularly those who are in any kind of trading business should use this Yantra to get auspicious results. Those who have inadequate memory power and want to improve memory and those who are in the writing or publishing field must use this Yantra. Students must use this Yantra in order to get desirable results on the education front.

Mantra of the Yantra:
Om Braang Breeng Brong Sah Bhudhaay Namah ||

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Copper : 1500

Silver : 2500

Gold : 5000


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