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Rahu Yantra

This Yantra curtails the malefic effects of Rahu and blesses the worshipper    with knowledge and understanding. It is beneficial in problems signified by    Rahu, like Paralysis, mental illness, limb injury, cancer, tumour, rheumatism,    bronchitis, etc. This Yantra curtails the malefic effects of Rahu.

About Rahu Yantra:
While Rahu is malefic in the birth chart or horoscope, Rahu Yantra blesses the person with knowledge, deep understanding, and respect. Rahu Yantra shall be installed on any rising Moon Saturday. Typical problems are the loss of money, no saving, irritation, separation from home, displeasure, fear complex, slow working, change of residence, disfavour of superiors. So persons who face such problems must use this Yantra to curtail malefic effects of Rahu.

Paralysis, mental illness, limb injury; cancer, tumours, heart pain, rheumatism, bronchitis, etc. are caused by Rahu. The persons who are facing such problems must use this yantra. If Rahu (Dragon's Head) is malefic in the chart or horoscope then, Rahu Yantra is kept in the house or pocket in order to diminish the malefic effects of the planet.

Mantra of the Yantra:
|| Om Bhraang bhreeg Bhrang Sa Rahve Namah ||

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Gold : 5000


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