Fire is named Agni in Sanskrit language, it's lots of other meanings in Sanskrit. The deeper meaning of fire in relation to life force, body or a cell is initiation or Firing, triggering or motivating activity at genetic code at the centre of our floppy disk.

The Egyption masters had already understood the deeper meaning of ‘fire' and had devised the Pyramid for that purpose. According to them, ‘Pyramid' is divided in to two parts ‘PYRA and ‘MID'.

‘PYRA' means fire, indicator at the centre core or nuclei. ‘MID' means in the middle.

Though only very less pess is known about Pyramids today. Pyramid is a scientifically designed device with the holistic approach. The entire detailed knowledge of stars, galaxy, sun, planets, earth's dimensions, amount of land and water on earth, rotating speed of magnetic field, gravity, wind, time, space and energy, life force and the aspect of body, mind and spirit is seen in the making of the Pyramid.

Its perfect creation owes to this knowledge.

"Pyramid Vastu is a powerful science of generating balance and harmony by core level corrections, with the help of pre-programmed Pyramid Yantra. It is based on the essential principles of subtle anatomy and the laws of the universe. Here they utilize our own hidden capabilities to accomplish a better tomorrow."

Pyramid Vastu is a practical art to harmonize - mind, body and spirit with the environment, by just placing pre-programmed ‘Pyramid Yantra' at appropriate locations; to achieve health, happiness and prosperity. Pyramid Vastu is ideal for correcting Vastu and feng shui defects without physical-alteration, shifting or breaking home, shop or factory.

Pyramid Vastu revolution is a new, dynamic and result-oriented system designed by Kunal Kaushik is not just the usage of pyramids in vastu. This is a totally new concept created for the first time in the world.

All this talk about Vaastu is fine, but can Vaastu be applied entirely to my home or my workplace ? No, because Vaastu is practically impossible in today's life style. It is nearly impossible to adhere to Vastu in cities and metropolitans. Also the popularity and availability of flats and apartments is more, they are sound economically too.

There are many people who really want to use Vaastu but, they have already bought the plot, constructed the house and have come to reside there, they come to know about Vastu -Shastra later. So what should they do? Buy another plot and build a new house according to Vaastu there ? We know this is nearly impossible, But then, here is a way -out too. Pyramid Yantra which is a completely new concept based on mind over matter. We know that mental level correction is much more powerful than that done in building and material. The new Pyramid Yantra is specially designed to correct your place according to Vaastu, though symbolically.

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